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AppEnsure – Independent Solution Review

logo Monitoring is always one of the most important topics that you have to define during implementation and management of Citrix environment. Usually it is decided to use standard monitoring tool used in your company – if that is good for enterprise then why it wouldn’t work for your Citrix platform? So you set required alerts, monitoring rules and wait…Wait for the first call from end user stating that his Citrix is not working at all, that she or he cannot do daily work. And you start your work – you try to find what might be the problem. You check your Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop servers and you have no idea what might be causing problem for your end user. You check the performance charts and alerts in the enterprise monitoring tool you decided to use and you see nothing. What is more you might only have insight into “your” servers which for sure doesn’t ease finding the root cause of the problem. And whenever you ask colleague from e.g. Exchange or SAP team they state that everything is working fine on their end and that it has to be Citrix that is breaking everything. You probably know that story already – working as Citrix administrator or engineer you probably went that path many, many times. As one of my colleagues said this is THE STANDARD to blame Citrix first – and this is you who have to play role of attorney and prove that Citrix is innocent. So you dig into the infrastructure, catch traces and after long hours you find that there was a problem with Exchange or SAP that your colleagues decided not to mention or for some reason didn’t notice 🙂

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Citrix XenApp Monitoring Script

MonitoringMonitoring any infrastructure is demanding task. Despite the numerous monitoring tools available on the market I haven’t found yet the one that would allow to monitor Citrix XenApp farms completely. Not only by checking ping, free space and if IMA service is running. What if there is a problem with other services e.g. Citrix Print Manager service or other Citrix related that hanged and doesn’t allow users to launch their app? Even though you monitor that service you will not know about that.

That is why I was looking a way to check if Citrix XenApp is really accessible and allow users to launch applications. Recently I came across great article by Stan Czerno regarding his monitoring script. It is really good piece of work from him. However for some reasons the script was not working for me and I have changed it a bit. I had the problem with
$ICA.GetNotificationReason() which alwasy got back “EventNone” even if the application launched. That’s the reason I changed the way I check if the application is really launched or not. Additionally I’ve added a way to get all XenApp servers from the farm. Continue reading