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Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 Feature Pack 2 released

fp1On 30th of June Citrix released a lot of new updates to their existing products. One of them is new Feature Pack 2 for XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6. It was already announced during Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando.

You can download Feature Pack 2 from the below link:

You have to log in with you MyCitrix account to be able to download. Additionally you might need to contact Customer Services to get access to e.g. Platinum Edition. Continue reading

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Citrix XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 3 released!

fp1Yesterday, 30th of June, Citrix released Feature Pack 3 for XenApp 6.5. You can download it from the Citrix site:

As you see on the picture you might need to contact Customer Service support from Citrix to get access to that download. I was able to download only Advanced Edition which should be available for everyone. Not sure if any other components are included in the Platinum Edition.

Continue reading

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Citrix Synergy 2015 – Day 2

Second day of Citrix Synergy started as well with a Keynote session led by Mark Templeton. According to tradition during the 1st day Keynote Citrix is revealing information about future releases of their products and all changes that will happen in the next few following months. During 2nd day session Citrix shows it’s view on the future of the IT and how they will realize it. That’s why there were some nice announcements during 2nd day Keynote and presented demos were much more interesting. So let’s start! Continue reading

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Citrix Synergy 2015 – Day 1

WP_000554Counting down finished! I’m just sitting and waiting for Keynote session by Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO.  — That is how I started writing this blog post almost 14 days ago. It took me a while to write a review of 1st day but finally you can read it!

Let’s start from the scratch. As I wrote in the previous post (Day 0) getting to Orlando, FL took me over 13 hours so you can imagine how excited I was to finally take part in Synergy conference. I was amazed by the size of the Orange County Conference Center and really shocked by the number of people. It was announced later during the conference that this year edition was the biggest one in the history. You could especially see that after entering the hall where Keynote session led by Mark Templeton was taking place. The hall was huge and the number of crowds was really amazing. I had no idea that so many people work with Citrix technologies and they are interested to come and spend 3 days listening about them. My first felling was: “That’s for sure America”. Everything was big – big conference center, huge Keynote hall and of course a stage with extremely large display on which Synergy TV was displayed. That was truly American style event 😀 You can see it below! Continue reading


Citrix Synergy 2015 – Day 0

This yearWP_000440 I have a great opportunity to participate in Citrix Synergy conference. It is organised every year by Citrix and this time it takes place in Orlando, FL. The conference starts officially tomorrow but already today there were hundreds of people working on finishing preparation to the conference. I flied to Orlando by Frankfurt and I have met tens of people with Citirx bags, T-shirts or talking about Citrix technologies. That made me wonder one more time why Citrix resigned from organising a European edition of the conference. For sure they would have hundreds of people interested. Not everyone can afford buying travel to US and conference pass. Of course in one of his posts Neil Spelling showed how to do that cheaper (, but still it is some expense for all of us. So Citrix please come back to Europe – I can propose Krakow for the next place of Citrix Synergy Europe edition – we have great conference center ( Continue reading

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Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 Feature Pack 1 released!

feature packIt didn’t take long Citrix to release new part of Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 solution. You can download now released today Feature Pack 1 that enhances some existing features e.g Citrix Director or Lync Optimization Pack .For most of us Session Recording might be the most interesting feature included. Continue reading


[Powershell] Citrix XenApp Monitoring Script ver. 2.1


I got few questions regarding my Citrix XenApp monitoring script written in Powershell. I’ve decided to share with you it’s second better and improved version which has additional conditions on checking if really Citrix ICA connections was launched properly and your Citrix application is available for interaction with user. What is also improved is the overall time needed for the script to run. Right now all logons happen simultaneously thanks to which the script finishes below 2 minutes ( I tested that for about 20 servers). So you have now possibility to schedule a task that will be running more frequent and you will be able to better check health of your Citrix XenApp environment. Continue reading

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Konferencja InfraXstructure – 21.04.2015, Warszawa

ixs-logo-poziome-01Rusza nowa konferencja o Data Center!

Wielkimi krokami zbliża się premierowa edycja konferencji InfraXstructure, która odbędzie się 21 kwietnia w Hotelu Radisson Blu w Warszawie. Jest to pierwsza w Polsce konferencja stworzona przez niezależnych specjalistów zajmujących się technologiami Data Center. Profesjonalizm, praktyczne rozwiązania i nowinki technologiczne – to wyznaczniki jakości InfraXstructure!

Do kogo adresowana jest konferencja?

Pomysł stworzenia konferencji zrodził się z chęci propagowania najnowszych technologii, przełomowych idei i trendów na polskim, jak i zagranicznym rynku Data Center. Premierowa edycja konferencji InfraXstructure cieszy się wielkim zainteresowaniem, co dowodzi dużemu zapotrzebowaniu na tego typu wydarzenie. Spotkanie skierowane jest do profesjonalistów zarządzających systemami i infrastrukturą centr danych, zajmujących się kolokacją, odzyskiwaniem oraz zabezpieczeniem danych, architekturą IT, systemami cloudowymi, przechowywaniem danych, serwerami oraz ciągłością biznesową. Nadrzędnym celem konferencji jest swobodna wymiana doświadczeń, poszerzenie wiedzy oraz poznanie ludz mierzących się z codziennymi wyzwaniami związanymi z Data Center. Continue reading