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Citrix Synergy 2015 – Day 2

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Second day of Citrix Synergy started as well with a Keynote session led by Mark Templeton. According to tradition during the 1st day Keynote Citrix is revealing information about future releases of their products and all changes that will happen in the next few following months. During 2nd day session Citrix shows it’s view on the future of the IT and how they will realize it. That’s why there were some nice announcements during 2nd day Keynote and presented demos were much more interesting. So let’s start!

Keynote Session

The session started with announcement of Citrix User Group Community ( The community was officially launched during Synergy and there was already over 2400 registrations. That is really great idea led by e.g. Perrine Crampton, Neil Spellings and many other great people who work with Citrix technologies.

In next part of the session Mark Templeton was talking about Software-Defined-XXX, where for XXX you can basically put anything:

  • Storage
  • Network
  • Servers
  • Workplace etc.

And then he started presentation of very nice new concept: Software-Defined-PAPER! Yes, you read that correctly – PAPER! Mark Templeton showed a device produced by Sony – Sony Digital Paper – that allows you to write as you would do on the sheet of paper. it is very thin and in combination with Citrix ShareFile it is an unlimited paper notebook that you can fill with your notes and everything you normally put on the paper. That sounds really great. I’ve started to imagine all those people who will need to carry just one thin “eNotepad”. Think about all children, students etc 🙂 Everything would be really great and it was until…. until I checked the price of the device – 800 $! What? That is much more than any tablet or smart device. That price is really making that whole idea pointless. If Sony could manage to make it I don’t know 200 or even 100 $ that solution would be selling very well. So let’s see what they will do with this. Below some pictures of this new ePaper.

WP_000574 WP_000573

The next part was devoted to AppDisks which is a new layering technology from Citrix that allows for separation of applicaappdiskstions from OS. Sounds like a really good idea. Additionally this product will be combined with AppDNA creating together an Application On-boarding suite. Thanks to AppDNA you will be able to check application compatibility with specific Server and Desktop OS. AppDisks will be integrated into Citrix Studio console for easier management. Limited Tech Preview of the solution will be available in Q2 2015 and the Beta version will be released in Q3 2015. There is not so much information about this new technology and there was a lot of discussion that I heard about compliance and security. We need to wait for more details. I found video from XA/XD SME training about AppDNA-AppDisks but it seems to be available only for specific group of people: .

WP_000578Next topic presented during Keynote were improvements in HDX (ICA) protocol. New version of it called Framehawk gives additional graphics and multimedia improvement. That looks very promising. If you want to hear more about those changes you should watch the following session:

After that on the stage showed Geir Ramleth, Citrix Chief Strategy Officer. He had very nice speech about security in current IT solutions and as well in our private life. That was quite good speech – check by yourself.

During Keynote seesion there were as well few new announcements regarding NetScaler and CloudBridge:

  • Cloudbridge Virtual WAN  – increase bandwidth, reduce costs, allows you to aggregate an internet broadband link and MPLS link to create a low cost active active WAN network.
  • Netscaler Control Center – OpenStack, CloudPlatform, Vmware, ACI, OpenAPI
  • Netscaler Unified Gateway (Feature of Netscaler 11) will allow for:
    • Single URL for all forms of access
    • Each logon point can be fully customized
    • SmartControl – SmartAccess controls on NS as opposed to various farms
    • Consolidate Gateway SSL VPN infrastructure:
      • Web Apps
      • SaaS
      • VPN
      • VDI
      • Client/Server
      • SmartPhones
  • new Netscaler 11 will be released in the end of Q2 2015


Next new thing presented during Keynote was Citrix Concierge – new service from Citrix that allows you to contact with Citrix support. It has chat/audio/video/screen sharing possibility and is delivered from Citrix cloud. If you want you can check the tech preview  which is available here: .This new feature will be available as well in GoToMeeting which in new release will allow to share a screen of your mobile device. Pretty cool 🙂

A really big part of the session took place last topic of the session: Workspace and Internet of Things. Mark Templeton showed a nice demo of new technology Octoblu which is implementation of IoT (Internet of Things). It can be used everywhere – in the workspace, at work, at home etc. The demo was really nice and showed how that new technology might be used in the future. I have also talked with guys from Octoblu who setup the company before it was acquired by Citrix. What is interesting they wanted to name their company and service SKYNET 🙂 Which might be really good name for that technology. It has unlimited possibilities. If you want to learn more about Octoblu check below site:


You can also check the demo from Keynote session:

Citrix announced as well Workspace Hub which is just stick with VGA and HDMI connectors, dual WiFi and  Bluetooth adapters.Workspace hub takes video feed from mobile device and output that to connected screen. It also connects workspace to local printers and other attached devices. When the mobile device leaves premises, the workspace is transferred back to the device away from the workspace hub. When user with mobile device walks into a room with a Workspace hub, the hug advertises itself and mobile device can connect to hub.

Last topic presented during the session were new features in XenMobile which one of the most important was Dynamic Containerization. It allows to separate private apps from enterprise apps and some features e.g. blocks clipboard inside private app.
After the Keynote session I have attended great session by Brian Madden. Some comments below.

SYN318: Terminal Server versus VDI: 2015 edition

Technical level: 100/200

Rating: 9/10

I was really waiting for this session as Brian Madden is really regarded as one of the biggest evangelist of RDS/VDI/Citrix/VMware/EUC technologies I know. He started with some information about his previous session about the same topic and showed advantages and disadvantages of both technologies. You can watch it below:

The session itself was really great and Brian made it a real enjoying performance. I really liked the way he presented his topic. For sure it was one of the best session I have attended during whole conference. Additionally as bonus I took picture with Brian 🙂


Unfortunately that was the only session I could participate on Wednesday as after that I went to Certification Center to pass 1Y0-300 exam towards CCP-V certification. It took me a while but finally I passed it 😀 It was great to gain my CCP-V title during Synergy as I got as well some appreciation gifts from Citrix including nice T-shirt, badge and toy for my daughter.

After that I took part in meeting for finance industry and to be honest I had no more time to participate in regular sessions.

I have finished 2nd day of Synergy with SYN501: Geek Speak Tonight! which was quite nice event with full of fun. Even Mark Templeton came there 🙂 Citrix geeks are really nice people and I had chance to finally meet some of them e.g. Andrew Wood or Remko Weijnen.

Whole day finished for me with great M7 Partners party that was probably the biggest one in Orlando this day. And look who I met there:


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