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Citrix Synergy 2015 – Day 0


This yearWP_000440 I have a great opportunity to participate in Citrix Synergy conference. It is organised every year by Citrix and this time it takes place in Orlando, FL. The conference starts officially tomorrow but already today there were hundreds of people working on finishing preparation to the conference. I flied to Orlando by Frankfurt and I have met tens of people with Citirx bags, T-shirts or talking about Citrix technologies. That made me wonder one more time why Citrix resigned from organising a European edition of the conference. For sure they would have hundreds of people interested. Not everyone can afford buying travel to US and conference pass. Of course in one of his posts Neil Spelling showed how to do that cheaper (, but still it is some expense for all of us. So Citrix please come back to Europe – I can propose Krakow for the next place of Citrix Synergy Europe edition – we have great conference center ( Coming back to the conference – day 0. I have visited the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) and registered to the conference. It took just 5 minutes and then I was given my Citrix Synergy badge. Every participant of the conference gets as well as a welcome gift official Citrix X1 mouse for use with Apple devices. More info about that in the next posts 🙂 I have also checked the plan of the conference center and well it is huge so I might have really big problem to move between my sessions as I have only 15 minutes break between. But let’s see how it will work. There is plenty of booths already setup for the conference so hope to see some interesting technologies from other companies as well. Please find below some photos from the day 0. Please check my blog tomorrow as I will write a sum up of day 1. You can also follow me on Twitter (@pawelserwan) as I will try to comment online on the Keynote from Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO and also sessions I will participate.



Report from Day 1 can be found here: Citrix Synergy 2015 Day 1


2 thoughts on “Citrix Synergy 2015 – Day 0

  1. Have fun Paweł 🙂


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