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Citrix Summer Challenge – 1Y0-200 – part 1


As promised, today I would like to share with you the first part of the study guide for 1Y0-200 exam for CCA-V certification. The first part focuses on the section: Managing a Citrix XenDesktop 7 Environment. Please find below the study materials:

Section 1: Managing a Citrix XenDesktop 7 Environment
 Objective Number
 Objective Testing Aspect Resource Link
 Manage Server OS images and Desktop OS images How Manage machines – Citrix eDocs

How to Create a XenDesktop Desktop Image
 Create Citrix policies How Manage Citrix policies – Citrix eDocs
 Create Citrix policies When Manage Citrix policies – Citrix eDocs

Manage your Delivery Controller environment – Citrix eDocs
 Manage license usage How  Licensing – Citrix eDocs
 Delegate administrative rights How  Delegated Administration – Citrix eDocs
 Publish server/desktop OS-hosted applications How Deliver – Citrix eDocs
 Modify virtual machine settings How Using VMware with XenDesktop – Citrix eDocs
How to Update Master Image for Dedicated and Pooled Machine Types using PowerShell SDK Console
Deploy virtual desktops to VMs using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard – Citrix eDocs
Citrix XenDesktop on vSphere 
 Create device collections, target devices, and vDisks How  Set up machine catalogs – Citrix eDocs XenDesktop on vSphere 
 Manage Personal vDisk What (considerations need to be made) Personal vDisks – Citrix eDocs

How to Change Personal vDisk Drive Letters in XenDesktop

XenDesktop FAQ – Personal vDisk

 Configure/modify NetScaler Gateway session policies When HOW: NetScaler Gateway with App Controller or StoreFront – Citrix eDocs

Configuring Session Policies and Profiles for App Controller and StoreFront – Citrix eDocs

Creating the Session Profile for Receiver or Worx Home for StoreFront – Citrix eDocs

Configuring Policies and Profiles on NetScaler Gateway – Citrix eDocs

 Configure the store (include remote access and access for mobile devices) How Manage your StoreFront deployment – Citrix eDocs

Additionally I would like to recommend the following materials:

I hope that this 1st part of my study guide for 1Y0-200 exam will be useful for you. If you would find some good documents please send me the links and I will update the guide. So, now time to read those docs 🙂 Good luck ! You can expect the 2nd part in about one week.


4 thoughts on “Citrix Summer Challenge – 1Y0-200 – part 1

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  2. Thanks for posting this excellent guide! I will be following this very closely.


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