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accepted2In the previous post I wrote about the changes in Citrix Certification program regarding Virtualization path. Due to the fact that I haven’t yet made upgrade of my CCAA from XenApp 6.5 to XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x I’ve decided to start finally some preparations towards that. The final goal for my summer challenge is to get CCP-V title. I’ve started by checking the exam requirements for the first exam from the Virtualization path – 1Y0-200.The preparation guide can be found here:

After checking the objectives for that exam I’ve started looking for a materials that I can use during my study. However as it is with Citrix technologies you do not have so wide selection of trainings, self-paced trainings and books as it is with Microsoft or VMware. The only available training which is led by an instructor costs quite a lot. There are also no available training kits. When I was preparing to the MCSA 2012 I’ve participated in the study group called “90 days to MCSA”. They have gathered links on the wiki page and thanks to that you could easily find all study materials. I’ve decided to start similar action on my blog. Starting from tomorrow each week/second week depending on my free time I will prepare a document with link to all materials that you can use to get your Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization and then I hope Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization . I named it Citrix Summer Challenge. Due to the fact that summer is not the best time for studying I’ve put my own deadline for that as end of September. So, will you join me in that and accept the CHALLENGE?

For those who will participate and CHALLENGE themselves I would recommend to watch initial training from Citrix that gives some basic picture of XenDesktop 7:  Introduction to XenDesktop 7

Hope that some of you will find that study group useful and together we will be able to show to the world our new shiny CCP-V. Next step will be of course Expert level but maybe we will create for that Winter Challenge edition. We will see 🙂

Tomorrow I will publish first part of the study guide for 1Y0-200 exam. Stay tuned and check my blog tomorrow.

Citrix Summer Challenge 2014 study guide links:





2 thoughts on “Citrix Summer Challenge

  1. Looks like I’ve found you just in time! I’m looking to get my CCA-V and hopefully the CCP-V as well! I look forward to the challenge. Thanks for sharing the resources you’ve found so far. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know!


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