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We are launching – Polish Citrix User Group !!!

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sam_smallAre you there? Are you Citrix specialist, architect or  IT geek interested in the newest technologies? You would like to learn more about Citrix technologies and meet people who share the same technology interests? If you answered ‘YES’ at least once then you are the person I’m looking for.

Microsoft, VMware and almost every programming language has its own community or user group in Poland. Some of them have even local groups: Warsaw, Cracow,  Wrocław, Łódź etc. For last 2-3 years I got invitations to many different meetings and workshops that happen almost every week in the biggest cities in Poland. For long time I was wondering why there is no one interested in Citrix technologies. Is that because we do not have Citrix specialists or is it because Polish companies do not use Citrix solutions?Well the question is surprising. None of them are however true. As I checked on LinkedIn there is at least few hundred people who are working with Citrix technologies and probably thousands who are using them in their everyday work.  So, why do we do not have a Polish community that would be a place for sharing experience, knowledge and ideas. The group that will be a great place for networking.

Recently I was invited by one of my former work colleague to come to the next UK Citrix User Group meeting. I couldn’t go but I thought: why not to do the same in Poland. And coming from thinking to acting I’ve decided to at least try. Right now I’m looking people, Citrix enthusiast like YOU, who would like to involve her/his time in launching the Polish Citrix User Group. The initial plan is to gather a group of people and prepare a setup meeting somewhere in Poland. So, if you are interested please do not delay and contact me. The sooner the better.

You can contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter or just by leaving the comment below the post.  You can also join the LinkedIn group I’ve created:

I’m waiting for YOU !!! 🙂



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