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Gadgets :)


Yesterday during January vBeer in Omerta pub (more info here: was given a bag full of gadgets. My comment was chosen  in the Inleo Rozdawki contest (more info here: Yesterday when I unpacked the bag just could not believe how someone could put so much there 🙂

Thank you INLEO and Maciek 😀

And below as promised all gadgets unpacked:



The red polar is for my wife – thanks Maciek for that one 🙂

As you can see you can really win some cool stuff so look from time to time on the Maciek’s blog:

There’s a lot of information about virtualization and some funny stories from IT guy life which for sure you will like. Even though it is in Polish you can still use the translator.

See you in short time I hope!


2 thoughts on “Gadgets :)

  1. You took my gadgets. Not cool Mr. P 😛


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