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Changes, changes, changes…

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It was a long break in my blog posting. Past weeks were quite dynamic and busy however I found finally time to write some update on my blog.



First of all I have changed my job. With big sadness I left my previous workplace (not employeer  anymore) – Finnish company UPM-Kymmene. I spent there last 3 years, learnt a lot from real experts (not only IT guys) and met wonderful people there.  One more time thanks for that my great friends and thanks Griffin 🙂

Three weeks ago I started work at Medius Poland which is part of Medius Group, Swedish company              offering P2P system.  For  more info about my new company please visit the website:

I work now on the position of Senior Cloud Operations Engineer and I’m the first  one of my team in the Krakow office but hope to get new colleagues soon.


On my new position I will be working with the cloud computing platform from Microsoft, Windows Azure. Do not afraid I will not leave behind my beloved Citrix 🙂 You can expect still posts related to both technologies: Citrix and Microsoft with some addition of the cloud.

I already had chance to participate in CloudBurst conference in Stockholm so hope to write shortly a summary of that event. Stay tuned 🙂


One thought on “Changes, changes, changes…

  1. Powodzenia Pawełku w nowej firmie 🙂


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