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New blog series: Reinventing the Wheel

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I’m just sitting in Helsinki for the last 2 days participating some project workshop. Still amazed how long day is here. It is 10:37 PM and it’s still bright outside. Waiting till someone will switch off the sun I’ve reviewed my OneNote notebook and checked the list of problems I’ve faced during last 2 months of the Citrix XenApp 6.5 project I lead right now. It seems that sometimes when you deal with quite advanced technical topics you completely forget about some basis. That’s why I’ve decided to start new blog series: Reinventing the Wheel. Hope that posts from that series will not offend someone. But it is a reality that we face in our everyday IT life 🙂 By the way that will be quite good review of some basis for me and maybe also for you. Hope that you will enjoy this new series.

Do you have such cases in your head? Waiting for some funny stories from your everyday work 🙂


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