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Citrix license server problem caused by VMware Tools

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It’s finally Friday evening and I have some time to put first post on my blog. It was quite rough and busy week. Everything started as usual on Monday morning – middle of migration of 500 users to new Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm.  Barely I have wake up from the Monday coma when my colleague announced that something hapens with XenApp servers and strange errors started to appear. And then it started – it occurred that the below messages are being shown to users who were just moved to the new farm:


Also the following entries could be found in the Event Log:


There is really nothing better than user moved to new environment welcomed by an error message 😀

I’ve logged quickly to the Citrix license server and checked that all related services are running.  Just to be sure I have restarted them. Then I checked that license file is loaded properly and we still have some free licences that might be picked up by XenApp 6.5 member servers. Everything looked OK. The next step was to check Event Log and here…I found a real flood of the below warnings:


It occurred that VMware Tools just filled in the Application Log and RPC service was unresponsive. It impacted als license service which was not able to issue any licenses. Quick Google search and the following KB from VMware was found:

So unexpected problem with VMware Tools when updating on XenApp servers to version 5.1. Changes done in the

C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Tools\tools.conf

solved the problem and server started issuing licenses. Everything came back normal and I could start my working week with first big problem solved. Hope that this post will help someone and prevent such a problem in the future.

Still despite the happy ending Monday is not my favourite day of the week…


Next post shortly 🙂


One thought on “Citrix license server problem caused by VMware Tools

  1. Very nice written Paweł. Keep cal and blame VMware 😉


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